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Ways to control which websites your employees visit without restricting access

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Ways to control which websites your employees visit without restricting access

Being a boss, you do know that time is a priceless thing. It should never be wasted, especially when it comes about business. There is no secret that not any employee would think exactly like you do. Without a doubt, a clever potential worker makes lots of inspiring speeches during the interview to get the desired job. Alas, you will see the terrifying changes as soon as this person finds the comfort zone. To be honest, we have to notice that not each and every worker should be called a hopeless idler. Still, sometimes even the most productive member of your staff won’t miss the boat that sails to rest. It’s no wonder today’s internet provides many opportunities that help to forget about work. Yep, social media makes a big deal but it is not the only thing you should keep an eye on.

Would you like to know how to defeat the laziness of your staff? You know, there are ways to control which websites your employees visit without restricting access. Let’s see what you can do!

Before all else, we want you to check these 3 easy tips.

Be a psychologist!

First things first, making business requires a lot. Among all these aspects is the one, which wants you to be a psychologist. Once you are through this, you will get a 360 vision of the crew. Start with the horizonless workman. Obviously, you realize that you don’t need them. Such kind of workers usually treats your vacancy as a way to get money. They are not expecting for getting a promotion, so they are never going to progress. Hiring people like these is a common mistake a young company makes. It looks like a chance to save your budget a little bit but you sacrifice the quality of the work. You know as they say: only dead fish swim with the stream. You will not see any signs of development at all. Therefore, forget about the non-initiative employees if you want to see the prosperity of the company. Let them scroll Insta feed and view YouTube content during the shift somewhere else.

Organize your work!

Now it is time to focus on the better part of your crew. These are the people who can generate brilliant ideas. They respect your deal and would love to be a part of it. However, you have noticed that they spend too much time viewing third-party content. Why is it happening? The problem can be caused by…you! Have you ever thought that your team surfs web space just because you simply let them do it? Every deal needs a well-created organization and your company is not an exception


Another way to improve the productivity level is rallying your employees. During many years teambuilding has been a winning business model. It brings multiple good things and productivity is definitely one of them. Basically, teambuilding has no visible borders. You can order pizza to the office once a week, create a playing room or organize the meetings outside the company. Shortly, you need to help your workers to get closer to each other. With it, it would be more comfortable for them to work together.

Also, we recommend you to run a business site. Add a blog section to share the news of your company. Let your employees tell their stories and introduce the ideas. Show them that their opinion matters and soon you will see the first changes. Fortunately, in 2018 you don’t need to build the site by hand. There are tones of ready-to-use business consulting WordPress themes to choose from.

These were some humane options you can use to improve productivity. We hope they will help you. Otherwise, in case you are still shocked by the laziness of your employers, we can’t see the other way. Let’s control the websites your guys visit instead of working.

Start with network usage

As the name of the point says, we offer you to start monitoring network usage. Acting so, you will know which websites your employees are visiting during the working process. Fortunately, you don’t need to hide behind a worker’s back to do it. Opening Google, you will see a wide variety of modern tools that allow you monitoring the usage of your network. One of them is Net Spy Pro. It not only shows you the main info but also offers to take a look at the favs and bookmarks of the workmen. Are you ready to get such an impressing portion of control?

Move to Packetfence

To make a long story short, Packetfence is a must seen tool for those who are serious about checking the websites their employees visit. Actually, this network access control tool is pretty popular because it is as easy as ABC. You will not waste much time on installation and organization. Packetfence is a real one-size-fits-all solution! It goes for Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian. What is more, using Packetfence, you can manage the time of website visiting. We believe that is it a nice thing to do if you want to make friends with the employees. Give them only 10-20 minutes per day to visit Facebook and both sides will be content with it.

Block unwanted devices

The third thing to be mentioned is keeping unwanted devices from using the network. It is easy to block social media on the PC of your worker. However, you don’t have access to their personal devices. There’s no secret that these days cell phones have much more than answering the calls. All in all, more than a half of recent traffic related to mobile devices. They are compact and easy-to-use. Your employee can chat with friends or make online shopping and you will not even know it. Given these points, make sure that the unwanted devices don’t have the access to your internet.

Filter the content

Here is the next easy step one can make to get better working results – filter the content your workers can see. Same to the previous points, there are many tools you can use for these reasons. We are going to name you the most popular one. It is called OpenDNS. Initially, it is a leading, web-based tool, which lets you managing content and security of the network. As a result, it will be possible to choose the sites a worker can enter, delegate administration or block page bypass. On the other hand, with the help of OpenDNS you can protect the domain from phishing and malware.

How does it work? Talking about filters, all you need to do it to choose from 50+ categories. Also, using OpenDNS, you get new reports every day. There will be detailed statistics and archived logs to view out.

Prevent using proxies

As soon as an employee notices that you have blocked the access to social media and other attention-grabbing websites, they will start looking for ways to trick you. Thus, your team members may want to try proxies. Such tools are meant to protect an actual IP and show a third-party one instead. Needless to say, nowadays the internet contains a limitless list of how-to articles. It means that your crew will find a way to use proxy without a hitch. There are even posts that show how to hide an internet connection proxy registry. Seeing that, you need to prevent using proxies!


To continue, don’t forget about VPN. Now VPN-s make another easy way to bypass your blocks. They allow viewing out the unwanted websites, so your employees will be interested in this option. Don’t you think that it is time to take care of VPN as well? Today you can see 3 common ways to do it.

  • Firstly, there is Deep Packet Inspection that examines parts of your data packet. Basically, it determined if the data was encapsulated by VPN-s. DPI is not a new way to prevent your workers from using VPN-s. It is nearly 7 years old.
  • Secondly, you can block the ports that VPN protocols usually use. They are 1723 (TCP), 1194 (UDP), 1701(UDP), 500 (UDP), and more. Find the fool list of them to help your employees to increase their productivity level.
  • Thirdly, there is one more option left – IP blocking. It is the most logical and the most common way to prevent using VPN-s. All you need to do is to discover VPN server, find its IP-s, and block them.

Still, you should understand that all the common ways to block VPN-s are well-known. Thus, there are already tools to trick you. Study them to find as much information as possible. You know, Scientia potentia est! You should be ready to win this unfair battle. Good luck!

We hope that these tips will help you to control which sites your workers visit. Don’t forget about the more humane ways to make the team more productive. They may look primitive but they really work. To end with, tell us how do you usually increase productivity?


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