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Creating a Website with WordPress or other platform

Creating a great website, page, or blog can be a fun and exciting new venture but also can be very stressful and confusing process if you lack the know how or are just new to constructing a site on your own. There are a few ways to construct a site and many more reasons for creating a site.When planning to create a site the first thing is always good brainstorming, research and planning. Ask yourself what kind of website you would like to create and come up with a good domain name for it in which you can purchase cheaply from a hosting company, reason for site,whether its a media site,tube site, site for web business or physical establishment, e-commerce site, or sharing of information site just to name a few of the many types of web pages. Also you would have to look at the options available to create certain sites with ease as some methods are better than others depending on experience with site building for example you could use a site builder such as for beginners to build fast and simple but does it fit your needs is the question to ask yourself. Another way is using the site builder that comes with your hosting package from your hosting provider (as most hosts provide the building tools) but also another great you can use to build any kind of site is WordPress in which there are two types. is the first one but you have certain restrictions if they host your site on their servers such as offensive material or vulgarity for example. is the other in which you can host on your own servers or any other hosting providers that host wordpress sites if you just wanted your own freedom or to create any type of site you wish to build but keep in mind that all hosting providers dont allow the same freedom and content on their servers. So all in all think of what your content focus going to be and which host fits your site type. Here are a few great hosting providers

1. Bluehost – One of the best and well known and supports WordPress hosting and has a            sitebuilder but also content restrctions apply

2. i Page – Another one of the greats in the hosting world which supports WordPress hosting and shared and private hosting including a drag and drop website builder. Content restrictions apply

3. Tmd hosting – Known for great speed, Cpanel and Softalicious tools for building also                  supports WordPress hosting. Content restrctions do not apply

4. Fast comet – Great deal on price and also supports WordPress hosting,shared, and private        servers with fast speed but best of all content restrctions do not apply

5, Web host pro – Lightning fast, 24/7 support, WordPress hosting, Rv site builder and content restrctions do not apply.

Now that you have your domain name and hosting package your’e ready get started creating an awesome looking website. Websites or blogs can be designed many ways but the truth is we all like it easy so the so the best way to do it yourself if you dont want to use or if sites like Wix doesn’t fit your needs you can use a web template to give your site and automatic format or design which is pre-made. When using a template the template is simply loaded in the web builder of your choice and you fill in the contents photos etc. Its as easy as filling in the blanks When picking a template its best to make sure its responsive (able to be viewed and used on all devices and phone etc). Choose a template which best suits your needs and ideas and download it for use some of the best templates can be found here at Envato Market. What makes Envato Market so amazing is the offer just about anything you may need at this time in your new web venture from templates, photos for site, video, 3d images, graphics, e-commerce tools , and lots more. If you decided earlier to go with a  WordPress site Envato Market also has lots of WordPress themes, utilities, and plugins to make your web project as easy as possible and help and support is available at anytime.A wordpress theme is just like a web template only its designed for WordPress web building which is the choice i favor most due to the easier option of building but most of all the plugins and WordPress add-ons makes it great. You can also create a great non-wordpress website at Envato If you wanted to create a tube or video site similar to Youtube or Vimeo templates and themes are available for that too including lots of tools for payment and e-commerce sites for web businesses.

Find templates and themes for any website building platform here